REYNEK bible

To commemorate the occasion of the exhibition of artwork Bohuslav Reynek at the Wallenstein Riding School in Prague, a unique edition of the Bible with accompanying print artwork by Bohuslav Reynek is being published. The Reynek Bible contains the complete versions of the Old and New Testament, based on the Czech translation of the Jerusalem Bible from 2009 (translated by František X. and Dagmar Halasov).

The design of this unique publication was created in collaboration with important personalities in the world of current Czech book design – prof. Ing. Arch. Zdeňek Ziegler, who designed the dust jacket for both versions of the bible and Aleš Najbrt, who created the overall graphic design of the publication in his studio. The book will be published in two versions.

Above all, the luxurious design of the bible will appeal to lovers of beautiful books, as it has an elegant leather binding with a relief stamp and embedded illustration on the cover, with a gilt-edge in which the name REYNEK is also stamped in relief. The total print run of this edition is only 250 and its uniqueness is also given by the fact that each of these books will include an original graphic print. The prints were made this year in the print workshop of Milan Dřímal in Prague from the original matrices by Bohuslav Reynek, which were graciously provided for this purpose by the granddaughter of the artist, Mrs. Veronika Reynková and her Reynek Foundation.

The second version of the book has a more conservative design and does not contain the original graphic print. However, even this version’s graphic design is highly sophisticated, bearing a relief-stamped reproduction on canvas of a print by Bohuslav Reynek, “Crucifixion”. The inner graphic design of the book is almost exactly like the luxury version of the bible and contains a total of 105 reproductions of Reynek’s prints, both with biblical themes, which directly relate to the text, as well as with motifs of everyday life, which the artist often enjoyed depicting in his work.

This new edition of the bible accompanied by the artwork of Bohuslav Reynek will certainly become a major publishing event of 2014 and deserves the attention of all book connoisseurs of beautiful books.

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